Ossvis, 오스비스

OSSVIS Business

From diagnosis to treatment,
Ossivs is with you in all areas of digital dentistry.

Dental Equipment

We develop innovative products
of Digital Dentistry based on optical
and electronic technology accumulated
over 20 years

OSSVIS leaps into the global market by establishing
DIGITAL DENTISTRY LINE UP, which is necessary for all stages of
data acquisition, diagnosis, treatment, and manufacturing.


We have secured global competitiveness based on design technology optimized for the oral environment

OSSVIS aims to be the best in the world from research on implant design and surface treatment technology to digital technology development.

Dental IT

We lead the establishment
of a digital treatment environment
through the development and
dissemination of dental software

OSSVIS provides an optimal solution for diagnosis and treatment
with convergence SW technology that combines IT technology and
dental treatment technology.