Ossvis introduce, 오스비스 소개

Innovative Technology

OSSVIS presents a new standard in the
global digital dentistry market with innovative technology.

Who We Are

OSSVIS specializes

in dental medical devices

It is leading a paradigm shift in the digital dentistry market
through innovative product development, and is growing through
the best quality and customer-oriented service with advanced technology.

It leads the Dental device

industry in Korea

OSSVIS is the only company in Korea that has internalized both
ophthalmic optics and dental technology, which are the main fields of
the Korean medical device industry.

It has succeeded in internalizing technology of digital dentistry system
through the capabilities accumulated through the long business experience.

Based on such technological capabilities, it has entered the dental industry
in 2022 and is making continuous successes.
Unrivaled technologicalrowess and production capacity of OSSVIS
appear as a business synergy, serving as a stepping stone for growth
and leap forward.