3D Print, 덴탈 3D 프린트

Lilivis Print

High-speed Adaptive
MSLA 3D printer

High-speed Adaptive
MSLA 3D printer

Features Spectifications
Consistenty & uniformly with the same brightness

LSA-Light Power
Calibration System

Improved printing precision by automatically measuring and correcting the amount of light to
maintain the same amount of light (95% overall light uniformity) and light uniformity.
Securing uniformity of light quantity through photodetection.

Turn on only what you need & turn off what you don`t

LSA-Individual LED
Control System

By counting the LED usage time and automatically selecting and using only the LEDs needed for output,
it reduces repetitive fatigue and prevents LCD panel damage and enhances equipment durability.

Evenly so that there is no unused area

Repositioning System

Thrugh the LSA-Mode Repositioning System, the optimal output position is automatically searched for and then
printed to reduce the fatigue accumulation of LED, Film and LCD panels and maintain the best quality.

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