Implant, 임플란트


Lilivis Implant System

OSSVIS, a specialized
dental medical device company,
supplies only stable products
developed according to Good
Clinical Practice

We strive for successful surgery by producing and providing various implants
that take into account various conditions such as patient's oral structure,
teeth condition, and alveolar bone condition

Your beautiful smile blooms

Regenerates lost teeth like natural teeth This is Lilivis philosophy and goal

Lilivis is building on superior R&D, adding experience and infrastructure From implant design to digital convergence technology development We aim for the highest quality in the world.

What are dental implants?

It is a dental treatment that restores the function of natural teeth by transplanting artificial roots made of special metals into alveolar bones without damaging the surrounding teeth in the missing teeth or extracted teeth.

Implants can be used as a replacement for single tooth, as a base for securing the bridge, or as a role for securing full arch prosthesis.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Establish a treatment plan using digital diagnostic equipment

Implant Placement

After local anesthesia, the implant is placed in the area of the missing teeth.

Abutment placement

Abutments are quite simply the connector between the implant (root) and the prosthesis (tooth)

Final Crown Placement

To make a aesthetic crown (artificial tooth) that match natural teeth